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Introducing Valle d’Aosta

This small Alpine region controls the strategically-important passes into France and Switzerland. While French is one of the official languages here, Aosta’s reputation as a little piece of France in Italy is perhaps overstated. Only one-quarter of Valdostani speak French or a French dialect at home, and while some of the architecture and cuisine is reminiscent of the Haute Savoie, this really is a thoroughly Italian place. You only need to glance at the abundance of ancient Roman architecture in the region’s capital, to know that Aosta has always looked South to the rest of Italy, rather than to Paris.

The military importance of this region is clear, from the imposing Savoy fortresses that guard the valley, to the groups of Italian alpini soldiers learning to ski on the valley’s winter resorts. Aosta city was a Roman military outpost, and the intact walls and towers today enclose a city that is quaint, affluent and surprisingly lively, year-round.

Nature is never far away in Aosta and every corner of this region offers a snapshot of classic mountain scenery, from gentle cattle pastures to rugged peaks. The region features three of the Alps’ tallest mountains, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, and there are reliable snowfall throughout winter to capture Alpine winter life in full glory.  

I have a series of winter and autumn images of the Valle d’Aosta, including of heavy snowfall in the city of Aosta and the castle of Fénis.



List of photographs of Valle d’Aosta available in my collection

AOSTA (October 2013, February 2017, December 2019) – The entire historic centre (autumn images & under heavy snowfall).

FÉNIS (December 2019) – Medieval castle under snow.

SARRE (February 2017) – Savoy residence under snow.

Landscapes, etc – Saint-Pierre (vineyards in the autumn), Val d’Ayas (sun and snow), Courmayeur (autumn).

Photo Galleries of Valle d’Aosta

Valle d’Aosta




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