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Obtain a licence to use a stock image on your project

Looking to use Italian photographs on your project? Buy a licence to use a stock image featured on or on my Flickr portfolio.

By purchasing a direct licence, you are guaranteed to get the best rates. Prices start at €50 per image. Multiple image licences attract an additional discount.

Fill the enquiry form below and I will provide you with a quote within hours. Licences can be purchased securely via PayPal.

Got questions? Check the FAQ section below.

Enquiry form

Please use this space to describe your requirements with as much detail as possible. Please state any locations or sites (for example, "photos of Rome"). Otherwise, please use this space to describe general ideas (for example, "mountain villages" or "Italian cities in the autumn").

Image licensing – Frequently Asked Questions

Are your images available for others to use?

YES. To be able to use one of my images, all you need is to get a licence from me.

What is a “licence”?

A licence is a simple document where I (the author) authorise you (the client) to use one of my images according to clear terms and conditions.

What is the cost of a licence?

That depends on how you intend to use the image. For example, if you wish to use a small-sized image in a printed article or on a website, it may be as little as €50 for a licence. If you want to use the image on the cover of a magazine, it may cost more. If you need several photographs, I offer discounts for multiple licences. I am always happy to provide quotes on request. You’re under no commitment, so feel free to get in touch.

Do I need to pay again if I use the content more than once (royalties)? 

No. To make matters simpler, I only issue royalty-free licences. This means you will not have to pay ongoing fees (royalties) if you keep re-using the licensed content. You only pay once.

Does buying a licence mean that I become the owner of the copyright to one of your images?

No. The licence simply allows you to use it according to the terms and conditions. As the author, I retain all rights.

Do you license through stock photography websites or agencies?

I do for some material, but not all. If you contact me through this website, you can buy a licence from me directly. This guarantees the most competitive prices for you.

How do I select an image? Do you have more in stock?

I have tens of thousands of photographs of Italy. There are many examples of them in my Photo Galleries, and on my Flickr page but I have plenty more that is not currently on display. If you are looking for a specific place, you will find a record of every location that I have photographed on the individual Italian regions pages. If you are unsure, just ask! I would be happy to discuss your ideas, provide details on what I have in stock and even send small thumbnails of off-catalogue pictures for you to select the one that’s right for your project.

How does the licensing process work – is it easy?

Very easy. Once you have selected an image, I will provide you with a quote. If you are happy with the proposed price and want to proceed, I prepare a document setting out the terms and conditions we discussed. I then issue you an invoice using PayPal. As soon as payment is received you will get a link to download the high-definition image (which will be in the format specified in the licence). The process is straightforward and secure.

What formats and dimensions are available?

Most of my photographs are available in formats of up to 6K (i.e. 6016— 4016 pixels – 24MP). A small number are available in up to 4K or 3K. All images were shot in RAW, and so can be made available in a variety of compressed (e.g. JPEG, PNG) or non-compressed (e.g. TIFF) files, depending on your needs.

Where can I use the licensed image and for how long?

The terms of the licence will lay out exactly where you can use the image, for example, a printed publication (a book, a magazine, etc) or a digital medium (a website, an app, etc). Unless specified, my licences are for worldwide, perpetual use so you can publish the image in any country and for any length of time.

What are “exclusive” and “non-exclusive” licenses, and do you offer both?

If, for example, your company wants to be the only one in the market to use one of my images then you need an exclusive license. I offer this upon request. The price is usually higher than a non-exclusive licence.

Not all of my images can be licensed on an exclusive basis. Indeed, some images may already be licensed to other clients which means I am unable to offer exclusivity rights.

Once you purchase an exclusive licence, I take the image off the market to ensure nobody else can buy it (“market freeze”).

My website is not-for-profit. Can I use your images on a webpage without a licence?

No. Any use of my images without a licence or prior authorisation from me is a breach of copyright law, even if the objective is non-commercial. Please get in touch if you need a licence.

Is there different pricing for academic institutions or charities?

On a case by case basis, I offer organisations a concessionary rate when the images are used for charitable or academic purposes. Please get in touch to obtain further information.

I want to use a photograph that features a person in them. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible in many cases, but some rules apply to commercial use (for example advertising). Please get in touch to obtain further information.

Can I share your images on social media?

I am happy for social media users to share hyperlinks to content on their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts provided that there is a clickable link back to and that I am credited as © Iggi Falcon.

Do not save an image (or capture a screenshot of it) and then share it on social media platforms, reddit, blogs, Whatsapp or any other printed or digital medium as this would constitute a breach of copyright.

Please note that I do not authorise the sharing of my material on Instagram.

The contents of this page are protected by copyright.