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Introducing Sicily

Sicily is a world in miniature. The diversity of landscapes and cityscapes are astounding, and visiting photographers seldom have enough time to capture the island’s myriad images. The terrain ranges from some of the most green, fertile land in Europe in the east of the island – the bread basket of the Mediterranean for 2,500 years – to the striking, austere dry, rocky mountains in central Sicily. The active volcano of Mount Etna dominates the eastern coast, looming ominously over Greco-Roman heritage cities of Catania, Taormina and Syracuse.

History is on display everywhere in Sicily. You will find ancient Greek temples that became Byzantine churches, then mosques, then Catholic cathedrals, and are still in active use with their original walls. In the centre, the Villa Romana del Casale is perhaps the best-preserved luxurious Roman villa in the entire world. In Palermo, domed mosques are now churches, and Norman palaces exhibit the finest Arab mosaic-work and craftsmanship. In the Val di Noto, elaborate baroque facades in honey-coloured stone stand testament to the extraordinary wealth of this commercial melting pot. 

Sicilians are expert flâneurs, look after their appearance, and thoroughly enjoy their lives, which is spent for the most part in the region’s beautiful piazzas. This makes the island a joy for photographers wishing to capture intimate portraits of daily life. 

I have a very substantial collection of photographs of Sicily, particularly of Palermo, Catania, Messina and the Baroque towns of the Val di Noto. I have extensively captured nature scenes in the Val di Noto, Central Sicily and the Nebrodi mountains, too. I have photographs of the Saint Agatha celebrations in Catania (2016) and of the Good Friday procession in Enna (2015).


Palazzolo Acreide

List of photographs of Sicily available in my collection

PALERMO (2007 – 2018) – All major sites – Cathedral, Palazzo dei Normanni, Cappella Palatina in detail, la Zisa, churches of the historic centre, roof of the cathedral & church of Santa Caterina, Piazza Pretoria in detail, cityscape from the sea, oratories with works by Serpotta, Catacombs, night-time views, Chamber of Meraviglie, street life. MONREALE, Cathedral & cloister, BAGHERIA, Historic villas.

MESSINA (August 2010, August 2011, April 2015) Historic centre, monumental churches, cathedral, beaches, gastronomy.

NEBRODI MOUNTAINS (September 2009, August 2010) – Militello Rosmarino, San Marco d’Alunzio, Bosco di Mangalavitti, Alcara li Fusi, Longi.

MONTI PELORITANI (August 2011) – Castello di Sant’Alessio Siculo, Forza d’Agrò, Savoca (Bar Vitelli), Casalvecchio Siculo – SS Pietro & Paolo D’Agrò.

TAORMINA (2008, July 2009) – Teatro Greco, Historic centre, Giardini Naxos.

CATANIA (2008 – 2016) – Mount Etna, Historic centre, UNESCO-listed sites and Baroque architecture, Baroque balconies, Carretti siciliani (folklore), granita di mandorla, squares, parks, Acireale, Feast of Sant’Agata.

CEFALÙ (May 2018) – Historic centre, beaches, archeological areas, panoramic views.

VAL Di NOTO – UNESCO (July 2008, August 2011, February 2016, May 2018) – SIRACUSA, Ortigia & archeological area, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica, Giarratana, Buscemi, Caltagirone, rural areas of the Ragusano, Sicilian “casali”, classic Sicilian landscapes, gastronomy, artisans (pottery), Modica chocolate.

VALLE DEI TEMPLI (August 2010, February 2019 – during Almond tree blossom) Scala dei Turchi.

ENNA (April 2015) historic centre, foggy scenes, Good Friday procession, Morgantina & archeological areas, Valguarnera Caropepe, Piazza Armerina, Villa Romana del Casale in detail.

Events and festivals – Good Friday procession in Enna (April 2015), La Vara in Messina (August 2010), Festa SS Pietro Paolo Taormina, Sant’Agata in Catania (February 2016).

Photo Galleries of Sicily

Messina & the Valdemone


Val di Noto

Valle dei Templi

Enna & Monti Erei




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