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Introducing Puglia

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, is the gentler side of Southern Italy. Though it has none of the frantic pace of life of Naples or Sicily, Puglia’s spirit is every bit as zestful as one might expect in Italy’s mezzogiorno. Without pomp or pretension, Puglia manages to packs exquisite cities, a stunning coastline and a gloriously sun-kissed countryside.

Bari is Puglia’s largest city, and though it has a modest amount of interesting sites, it is understandably overshadowed by more handsome cities in the region. Because of these, there are plenty: Molfetta, Barletta, Polignano, Monopoli and Otranto are real jewels of the Adriatic coast.  

Flat and intensely farmed, Puglia’s interior lacks the drama of other landscapes in Italy, but spring does bring out a spectacle of wild flowers. The areas around Alberobello, also known for its enigmatic cone-shape buildings – the trulli – are especially attractive. Puglia’s interior also boasts grand cities with plenty of appeal to photographers; Ostuni, a white city not unlike those of Andalusia or the Greek Islands, and Lecce, a city of tantalising baroque. 



List of photographs of Puglia available in my collection

TERRA DI BARI – BARI (Bari Vecchia, Basilica of San Nicola), TRANI (Historic centre, Jewish quarter, Port), BARLETTA (the Colossus, Historic centre), MOLFETTA, RUVO DI PUGLIA, MONOPOLI, POLIGNANO A MARE.

MURGIA (TERRA DEI TRULLI) – Alberobello, rural landscapes from Alberobello to Locorotondo, rustic trulli, Gravina in Puglia, Ostuni (white city), handcraft, orecchiette.

SALENTO – LECCE – the entire historic centre, monumental churches, baroque details, OTRANTO, Port, Cathedral & floor mosaics, Nardò, Gallipoli.

Photo Galleries of Puglia

Terra di Bari


Lecce & the Salento


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