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Introducing Abruzzo

Abruzzo is the region where Italy’s Apennine mountains reach their highest point. Though it is only a couple of hours’ drive from Rome, Abruzzo is all about wilderness. The dramatic landscapes in the region’s national parks – Gran Sasso and Majella in particular – offer dense forests and amazing wildlife. 

These remote landscapes seem to have inspired a certain spirituality. Abruzzo is dotted with hermit hideouts, isolated churches and secluded monasteries, some of which contain splendid works of art. A major earthquake caused great damage to the region’s capital, L’Aquila, in 2009, and although there has been progress with restorations projects, much of it remains sealed off. 

There are glorious mountain villages all around Abruzzo, some of which preserve beautiful folklore and traditions. Scanno, for example, puts on a show every year when the town’s population don their elaborate traditional costumes. 

My photographs of Abruzzo date from 2016, and they include L’Aquila and vast areas of the Majella, including the city of Sulmona. 


Caramanico Terme

List of photographs of Abruzzo available in my collection

L’AQUILA (July 2016) – Historic centre.

GRAN SASSO – Rocca Calascio, Calascio.

SULMONA – Historic centre, fabbriche di Confetti (Pelino).

SCANNO (May 2016) – Borgo storico, Lago, Landscapes.

MAJELLA – PACENTRO, CARAMANICO TERME, Eremi, Abbazia di San Clemente a Casauria.

CHIETI & COSTA DEI TRABBOCCHI – Historic centre, Guerriero di Capestrano, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Ortona, Fossacesia.

Events – Costumi tradizionali di Scanno May 2016.

Photo Galleries of Abruzzo

L’Aquila & Gran Sasso

La Majella

Chieti & Costa dei Trabocchi


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