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Introducing Calabria

The tip of Italy’s “boot”, Calabria is a large Southern region with a mountainous terrain and a long craggy coastline. Despite boasting great natural beauty, with stunning beaches on both the Tyrrhenian and Ioanian sides, Calabria is fairly unexplored. Its larger cities are, admittedly, not among the most exciting in Southern Italy, but its smaller towns do have plenty of attractions. Tropea is almost certainly Calabria’s top destination, with a spectacular setting atop a cliff and splendid views over the Aeolian Islands towards the West. Another seaside town of interest is Scilla, impossibly sited on a rocky outcrop, just on the other side of the Messina strait which separates mainland Italy with the island of Sicily. 

My photographs include summertime themes in Tropea, Scilla, Chianalea and Reggio Calabria. 


Reggio di Calabria

List of photographs of Calabria available in my collection

TROPEA, Capo Vaticano, REGGIO DI CALABRIA (Historic centre), Scilla, Chianalea.

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