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Introducing Piedmont

Despite being steeped in history and awash with artistic and natural wonders, Piedmont is relatively undiscovered. This vast region in Northwest Italy offers a wide variety of landscapes, from the lakes in the north, the Po river plains, rolling hills in the south, and the Alps along the French and Swiss borders. 

The cities in Piedmont are elegant and stately; Cuneo, Mondovì, Asti and Saluzzo are some of the most undiscovered in Italy. But it is surely the regional capital, Turin, which deserves the most attention. An almost perfectly harmonious baroque city that matches one’s ideas of a classic European city: royal palaces, cobbled squares, tramways and ornate cafés. Turin is a feast for the photographer’s eye. 

Piedmont’s spirit, however, is defined by its vast rural areas. This is an agricultural powerhouse, and an important producer of corn, fruit, hazelnuts, truffles and, of course, wine. Southern Piedmont, in particular, is famous for its red Barolo and Barbaresco wines – some of the world’s most sought-after. The wine growing landscapes here are strikingly scenic, and they are perhaps among the most beautiful in Europe. 

My collection includes an extensive series on Turin, including during an exceptionally copious snowfall in December 2017. I also have photographs of autumn leaves in the Barolo wine area, and summertime series of Mondovì, the Monferrato area and the Cuneo plains. 


Lake Orta

List of photographs of Piedmont available in my collection

TURIN (October 2013, January & December 2017, May 2021) – Historic centre (after heavy snowfall, blue skies). Autumnal images. Art Nouveau (Liberty) architecture, Hunting Lodge of Stupinigi (with snow), Venaria Reale (Reggia (Palace), Gallery, Gardens in Summertime). Panoramic views over Turin, night-time, after snowfall, Alpenglow. Savoy Royal Palace, Egyptian museum, churches, historic tramways.

VERCELLI, NOVARA AND THE RICE PADDIES (May 2021) – Vercelli, Historic Centre, Basilica of Sant’Andrea (cloister, indoors, facade), Church of San Cristoforo (frescoes by Gaudenzio Ferrari), Novara: Historic Centre, FLOODED RICE PADDIES May 2021 (Arborio rice fields, Mare a Quadretti), Tenuta la Colombara, Principato di Lucedio, Abbazia di Santi Nazario e Celso, several locations with water reflection.

VAL D’OSSOLA – Santa Maria Mayre, Druogno, Centovalli, Val Vigezzo.

STRADA DELLA LANA: BIELLA, VALDILANA, VALSESIA (June 2019, May 2021) – Biella, Ricetto di Candelo, Parco Burcina (Rhododendrons & Azaleas), Oasi Zegna, Panoramica Zegna, Pray, Lanifici: Zignone, Cerruti, Zegna, Sella, Trombetta, Valsesia: Alagna, Riva Valdobbia – Rifugio Valle Vogna, Passo dei Salati – Monte Rosa, Varallo – Sacro Monte.

LAKE ORTA (June 2019) – Orta San Giulio, Isola San Giulio, Sacro Monte di Orta.

VAL DI SUSA (December 2018, March 2020) – Susa città (wintertime), Sacra di San Michele, Avigliana, Venaus.

SALUZZO (March 2020 and September 2020) – Historic center. Wintertime and early autumn images. Snow capped Monviso. Castello della Manta, Abbey of Staffarda, rural landscapes around San Pietro Assarti, Costigliole Saluzzo, Busca, Corn fields, rural areas.

CUNEO & PLAINS (September 2020) – City of Cuneo, Squares, architecture, Savigliano, Savoy Palace of Racconigi.

VALLE VARAITA (September 2020) – Alpine villages and landscapes, Chianale, Sampeyre (frescoes).

LANGHE, ROERO & MONFERRATO – Winemaking areas of Barolo & Barbaresco (November 2019) with autumn leaves. Barolo, La Morra, Novello, Roddi, Grinzane Cavour, Serralunga d’Alba (March 2018), Corneliano d’Alba (March 2018), Piobesi d’Alba (March 2018), Barbaresco, Alba, Acqui Terme (January 2020), city of Asti (September 2020), all major historic monuments. Montechiaro d’Asti. Winemaking areas of Monferrato, Infernot wine cellars, Cereseto, Treville, Cella Monte, Casale Monferrato – Baroque synagogue.

MONDOVÌ (June 2018) & landscapes of the Monregalese, Mondovì Piazza, Sanctuary of Vicoforte, city of Ceva.

LAKE MAGGIORE (July 2011, March 2019) – Stresa, Verbania Pallanza – Villa Taranto, Isola Bella, Baveno, Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso Ballaro, Locarno (Switzerland).

Events – Display of historic trams in Turin, Dicembre 2017, after heavy snowfall.

Photo Galleries of Piedmont

Vercelli, Novara & the Rice Paddies

Lake Maggiore

Lake Orta

Strada della Lana: From Biella to Valsesia


Saluzzo, the Cottian Alps & the Cuneo Plain

Langhe, Roero & Monferrato


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